Problem Based Learning

Curricular transformation and changing practices: Implementing PBL and blended learning in MA-programmes at Gulu University


Project Description

The need for a new pedagogical approach in higher education is evident with the current trend of employers’ expectations of quality from higher education institutions in Uganda. In collaboration with Danish universities, Gulu University has been systematically introducing, testing and adapting Problem Based Learning (PBL), which is a new and innovative learning approach in a Gulu university context. PBL is known for its ability to engage academic institutions with the community to solve real world issues in society and to strengthen the overall research capacity of students and their supervisors.

PBL was initiated at Gulu in 2016 through a workshop and it was conceptualized as a collaborative research project in 2019.

The main achievement so far is that PBL is being implemented in the Faculty of Business and Development Studies  and the Faculty of Education and Humanities.

Students have appreciated this student centered learning approach especially because it enhances the relationship between supervisor and the supervisee


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Building Stronger Universities (BSU)
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Research Team

Gulu University Team
  1.  Prof. Emeritus: Inger Lassen
  2. Associate Prof. Iben Jensen

  3. Dr. Olanya David Ross

  4. Dr. Tabo Olok Geoffrey

  5. Mr. Hanan Lassen Zakaria

  6. Ms. Awacorach Judith


Building Stronger Universities (BSU)-Gulu is a multifaceted programme aimed at strengthening research capacity at Gulu University in northern Uganda