Digital Learning

Strengthening ICT and Learning through Participatory Methods: A baseline study at Gulu University


Project Description

Universities in Uganda are in a unique position to research and provide alternative learning methodologies that can result in improving employability amidst their resource constrained environments.

The aim of this project is to develop new knowledge in the scientific field of educational research on transforming higher education in a resource-constrained setting, which can contribute to deepening our understanding of these multifaceted problems. A special aim for this project is to focus on the students in order to provide insights into how they are doing their learning and how they are enacting the learning environment provided by the institution (as organized through teaching).

We focus on understanding how students use different digital tools and spaces and the role of the tools in students learning. Following this pathway, we are optimistic to get an insight into which problems or learning tasks they are engaged in. We might also get an insight into their future plans and motives, when enacting their studies (drawing from Bateson and Engeström). Therefore, the research team applies a learning approach.

This research project is formulated as a collaborative research initiative to foster academic growth, mentorship and strengthen networks for further collaborations. Additionally, it also opens new perspectives to contextual issues in research and contributing to the paradigm shift to digital learning.


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Building Stronger Universities (BSU)
P.O.Box 166, Gulu (U)
Aalborg University Team
  1. Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld
  2. Ann Bygholm
Gulu University
  1. Tabo Geoffrey
  2. Aber Kevin
  3. Olido Kenneth
  4. Ofoyuru Denis
  5. Drateru Vivian


Building Stronger Universities (BSU)-Gulu is a multifaceted programme aimed at strengthening research capacity at Gulu University in northern Uganda